Timesheet Payroll Automation

After crew hours are entered into Timesheets, this feature automatically pushes them through a set of pre-defined rules to make payroll a breeze.

Improve payroll accuracy

Eliminate the math needed to calculate overtime or other payroll rules.

User-friendly for crew

Crew members simply enter the total number of hours worked and Aimsio does the breakdown of regular vs. overtime hours.

Spend less time reviewing hours

Payroll Admins can quickly view the breakdown of hours. As a bonus, with digital Timesheets they’ll no longer struggle to read messy handwriting.

About Timesheet Payroll Automation

Have certainty payroll is accurate

Digital Timesheets plus Timesheet Payroll Automation is a winning combination to ensure confidence. Stand behind your payroll numbers with certainty.

Enter, edit or change your payroll rules

Admins have the ability to set rules to be applied to hours. Whether you must abide by union rules, labor laws or overtime laws, we’ve got you covered. Admins can set the rules and edit them as needed.

Ensure everyone gets paid the right amount

Based on the rules you set, Aimsio will split hours into the appropriate category, ensuring you always pay your team the right amount.

Keep Timesheets simple for field crew

Crew members simply enter the total number of hours they worked and the Timesheet Billing Automation will automatically determine which ones should be billed as overtime.

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  • Aimsio Performance
  • Aimsio Ultimate

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