Change Orders

If you find yourself frequently needing to formalize, document or track changes to a project’s scope, schedule, or cost…this feature is for you.

Up to date WBS reporting

Automatically keep your WBS reporting up date without duplicate data entry.

Seamlessly track Change Orders

Keep scope, schedules, and costs on track.

Straight-forward processes

Give your customers a detailed breakdown of changes, all while keeping the approval process straight-forward.

About Change Orders

Keep change orders…in order

Let’s face it, even with our best efforts to scope projects accurately, they change all the time. Keeping track of Change Orders can be a simple, straight-forward process with Aimsio’s Change Order feature.

Create New Change Orders

Simply input the general information of your Change Order such as Job Number, Customer, Price Book, etc. to create a new Change Order.

You can enter a description of the change, where you will leverage your billable items list to track changes in Labor, Equipment, and Material.

WBS Progress

If you have an account that uses our WBS feature, you can formalize and track updates to Job progress. This means you can adjust the original Planned Start and Planned End dates if needed. You’ll also be able to adjust things like measurable quantities related to deliverables.

Internal Signatures

There is a section on the Change Order where internal signatures can be captured. Alternatively, if your customer happens to be onsite with you at the time the Change Order is created, they can also sign at that point.

External Approvals

Once a Change Order is completed, it can then be downloaded as a PDF to be sent for external approval. Aimsio’s Change Orders are also compatible with our Client Portal, meaning you can send your Change Order for a digital signature to your customer all within Aimsio.

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