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A basic, yet powerful tool to help companies take the first step towards digitizing their field operations.

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 Aimsio is a field management software that integrates with systems like QuickBooks, Sage, Explorer, Microsoft, and more.
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Ready to go smart workflows

Mobile application

Lots of features

Lowest price point of all Aimsio products

We designed Aimsio Lite to be a total game-changer for companies who know that they need software, but don’t know where to start.

If your business is stuck in the dark ages, Aimsio Lite can show you the way.

Low Price

At our lowest price point, Aimsio Lite offers the features you need to digitize Work Management Tickets and Timesheets.

It’s especially beneficial to companies who are still using paper or spreadsheets in the field.

As far as “lite” products are concerned, this one is jam-packed with everything you need.

With Aimsio Lite you'll be able to ditch paper Forms, Tickets, and Timesheets for one low price.Plus, it’s a tried and tested solution, meaning it’s so easy to use, everyone on your team will love it.