The best thing about using a digital system to capture your billable field activities is how quickly you can create and send invoices. Create invoices with the click of your mouse and get paid faster.

Invoice faster

Speed up your invoicing process. Generate invoices faster, send invoices to customers faster, and get paid faster.

Decrease admin costs

Eliminate redundant data entry and decrease admin costs.

Free up capital

Quickly recoup capital normally spent keeping resources on site.

About Invoices

An easier and faster way of invoicing

With Aimsio, all of the data you need to create and send invoices is right at your fingertips. You won’t have to jump around from system to system – simply use the ticket to create an accurate invoice.

Automatically create invoices from tickets

  • Select one or multiple submitted Tickets to easily convert them into an Invoice.
  • If you don’t have a Ticket created, you can also create an stand alone invoice from scratch.
  • Support for both Canadian and US tax rates.

Customize the way your invoice PDF looks

  • Create customized invoice templates effortlessly with our PDF Template Editor, tailoring your PDF invoices to suit your unique needs.
  • Adjust and group the categories shown and the columns and the rows of each category. Add captions to rename the columns that appear on the PDF.
  • Preview your Invoice template using your selected Invoice.

Download the invoice as a PDF, export data as CSV/Excel or send it to your favourite finance tool

  • Download your chosen invoices in PDF format or export data as CSV, suitable for easy uploading into Sage or QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Aimsio seamlessly integrates with popular third-party financial tools like QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, and Explorer. Effortlessly push Invoices and other essential information into your chosen financial tool in just a few simple steps.

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  • Aimsio Lite
  • Aimsio Essentials
  • Aimsio Performance
  • Aimsio Ultimate

Other Features

Explore some other features

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Create and manage projects in one, accessible hub. Track progress, store documents, and set up mobile users for success in the field.


Track and bill field work with Field Tickets, LEMs, or Daily Tickets. Tickets can be connected with other features for ultimate efficiency.


Choose from crew Timesheets for supervisors or individual Timesheets for employees. Timesheets can be submitted for approval.

Timesheet Billing Automation

Effortlessly convert Timesheets into Tickets with just a few clicks and have confidence you’re billing your customers accurately.

Client Portal

Send Tickets, Estimates, or Change Orders for electronic approval. Customize the logo, email subject, and message for a great impression.

Job Performance Reporting

Track profitability in near-realtime by comparing billable and non-billable work against the cost of labor, equipment, and third-party charges.


Unlock your full potential with integrations

Integrate your accounting, payroll, or ERP software with Aimsio to make your day-to-day data entry disappear.

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