Purchase Oders

If you’re looking for a straightforward charge back process for your customers, this is it. From creating a PO, to having it approved, to automatically converting it to a 3rd party billable for Jobs, this feature covers it all.

Save time

Save time and eliminate communication breakdowns between the field and the office.

Manage your purchases

Ensure no revenue is lost due to unauthorized purchases that are not billed back to Jobs.

Monitor your expenses

Avoid overspending on materials and keep your costs in check.

About Purchase Orders

Monitor your non-recurring spendings efficiently

Track your non-recurring spendings, attribute the costs to a Job and enable a straight-forward charge back process for your customers.

Easily create Purchase Orders

  • Link your Purchase Order to a designated Job.
  • Include Image or PDF attachments in your Purchase Order if needed.
  • Generate Purchase Orders seamlessly, whether in the office or the field utilizing Aimsio’s web portal or mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Send Purchase Orders for approval

  • Using Aimsio’s Portal, effortlessly submit Purchase Orders for approval, eliminating the need for emails. Your purchase orders stay organized and won’t get lost in the inbox.
  • Once your Pruchase Order has been approved, they can be converted into Non-Recurring Billables.

Find this feature in the following plans

  • Aimsio Performance
  • Aimsio Ultimate

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