Non-Recurring Billables

Easily manage, track and bill back one-off third-party costs. Non-Recurring Billables (NRBs) are typically associated with a vendor-supplier item or a material required to complete a Job.

Flexible Non-Recurring Billable management

Track third-party costs your way. Choose to create NRBs after an approved Purchase Order has been received, or create one as a standalone item.

All in one place

View all the NRBs for a Job in one location. No more jumping around from spreadsheet to spreadsheet.

Choose how your Non-Recurring
 Billables appear

Edit NRBs so they fit the way you charge. Change names, notes, quantities, rates, and upcharge percentage.

About Non-Recurring Billables

Flexibility, with boundaries

Set up your NRBs with the flexibility you need to ensure your amounts are accurate, and with the peace of mind knowing it’s not a free for all.

Single or multiple items

Every NRB leverages data already in the system to calculate subtotals. NRBs can consist of multiple line items if required.

Internal NRBs

Use the Internal NRB checkbox if an NRB should not show up on a ticket to be charged. These items can be recorded simply for cost purposes, even if there is no intent to expose them to your customers.

Edit NRBs in bulk

Use the CSV Export function to edit your NRBs in bulk. Or, if you simply need to edit a few, you can easily do that within the system.

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