Dispatch + Compliance

By combining Dispatch with Compliance you can schedule, notify, and verify crew. Send SMS and email notifications once people are assigned to a Job and see the confirmation roll in. Aimsio’s Dispatch + Compliance makes managing crew schedules easy.

Quick and easy communication with crew members

Send SMS and email notifications when crew members are assigned to a Job and receive notifications back once they confirm.

Match crew certifications to skills

Ensure crew members are fully certified for the Jobs they’re assigned to.

Clearly see who’s available for a Job

View calendars and availability to make scheduling a breeze.

About Dispatch + Compliance

No more dispatch boards or overwhelming spreadsheets

Managing the schedules of crew members and assigning them to jobs is hard enough without having to ensure everyone is certified. Aimsio makes it easy to view availability and certifications.

Make dispatching easier than ever with:

  • Drag and drop dispatching to a specific Job
  • The ability to view all active Jobs
  • The ability to view all available resources
  • Job acceptance from crew via text or email
  • The ability to send mass Job updates to crew
  • Viewing compliant crew members
  • Managing equipment mobilization and demobilization

Three different perspectives

With each view you can control the level of detail you see when managing resources.

This feature is an add-on

Regardless of which product plan you select, this add-on feature will take your operations to the next level.

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