Tickets can be anything from Field Tickets, LEMs, Work Tickets, or Daily Tickets. We do it all. With Aimsio, Tickets are so much more than a simple Form. They are completed on a tablet or phone in the field and are intelligently connected to your workflows, Price Books, and customers. Get rid of that paperwork for good.

Digital Tickets that still feel familiar for your crew

Digital Tickets that look and feel exactly like your paper tickets, so they’ll look and feel familiar to your team for better adaptation.

Find efficiencies easier

Tickets are forms connected to your revenue, this means you’ll be able to find efficiencies quickly by spotting trends in real-time.

Save time and improve performance

No more losing paperwork or transporting it from the job site to the office.

About Tickets

Switch from manual processes to a form-based workflow software

Digitize your field paperwork. Whether you use Field Tickets, LEMs, Work Tickets, or Daily Tickets, you’ll get rid of the paperwork.

Streamline all your operations

  • Tickets are typically used to track Time, Materials and Equipment. They can also be used to track Services, or Miscellaneous charges, while still recording time and materials for utilization (Non-billable).
  • Tickets can pull data in from other parts of Aimsio, like DispatchTimesheets and Purchase Orders (Non-Recurring Billables) and Job Performance (WBS).
  • With everything connected, you will eliminate double data entry errors and increase efficiency.

Create and manage your Tickets from anywhere

No matter whether you are in the field site or on the office, you can easily manage your Tickets using Aimsio’s web portal or Aimsio’s iOS and Android apps for mobile and tablet.

Send Tickets for approval

  • Keep your customers in the loop with live chat.
  • Embed help articles right on your website.

Convert your Tickets into Invoices

  • Select one or multiple Tickets and automatically convert them into Invoices without double entry data needed.
  • Once converted, you will be able to see, send your Invoice, and download id as PDF.

Find this feature in the following plans

  • Aimsio Lite
  • Aimsio Essentials
  • Aimsio Performance
  • Aimsio Ultimate

Other Features

Explore some other features

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Create and manage projects in one, accessible hub. Track progress, store documents, and set up mobile users for success in the field.

Price Books

Flexible Price Books let you customize rates for Jobs. Apply markups or discounts and effortlessly manage your pricing strategy.


Convert field Tickets into Invoices or create standalone Invoices. Both Canadian and US tax rates are supported.

Client Portal

Send Tickets, Estimates, or Change Orders for electronic approval. Customize the logo, email subject, and message for a great impression.

Cost and Actual per WBS

Conduct detailed comparisons between the estimated and actual costs for every phase of a Job.

Job Performance Reporting

Track profitability in near-realtime by comparing billable and non-billable work against the cost of labor, equipment, and third-party charges.


Unlock your full potential with integrations

Integrate your accounting, payroll, or ERP software with Aimsio to make your day-to-day data entry disappear.

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