Case Study

How Preferred Energy optimized field operations to beat the competition

A study on how Preferred Energy integrated Aimsio in their operations helping them:

  • Save $38,400 anually
  • Create field tickets in 30 seconds

“There’s so much value in Aimsio. When we first started off, we were only using it to create field tickets from timesheets. We now use it for dispatch, resource costing, estimates, and pre-trip inspections. I don’t know how we’d function without Aimsio.”

Danton Moorhead, President

Preferred Energy Inc.

Preferred energy’s journey

The positive impact of Aimsio on Preferred Energy operations

The challenges


Using disjointed and error-prone spreadsheets were leading to revenue leakage

Using spreadsheets to coordinate field resources was prone to errors such as bad version control, duplication, and incorrect macros. These errors were leading to revenue leakage.


They were looking for a solution to track project costs and profitability accurately

Tracking the cost of Preferred Energy’s projects using spreadsheets was so time-consuming that they had one full-time employee doing the job.


Their invoicing process was inefficient

The process of converting a field ticket into an invoice was manual, time-consuming, and filled with redundant data entry.


They needed to digitize and centralize their company operations

They needed a digital central hub for managing Preferred Energy’s field and in-office operations when the company started charging different customers different prices.

The solution


Using disjointed and error-prone spreDigital work management tickets (i.e. Field Ticket, LEM, etc.) and timesheets

Thanks to Aimsio, crew timesheets and field tickets are now being created remotely via the mobile app (iOS and Android devices), synced to the web, and then are sent directly to the customer via the Aimsio Client Portal, leveraging the convenience and traceability of digital signatures.


Faster invoicing and accurate resource costing

Now Preferred Energy generates invoices faster, accelerating the speed of payment and stabilizing cash flow because Aimsio integrates with popular invoicing applications.


Prompt dispatch

When Preferred Energy’s maintenance division gets a job request, they can now create a new job and dispatch both crew and equipment within seconds using automated mobilization notifications.


Easy estimates

Today, they don’t have to update 10 different spreadsheets when there are price changes. Aimsio enables them to create Price Books for different clients that align quoted pricing with field tickets/invoices, saving a ton of admin time.

The results


$38,400 cost savings

Implementing Aimsio has helped Preferred Energy Inc. save so much time that they have eliminated one full-time administration position.


Plugging revenue leaks

Aimsio’s digital tickets, dispatch, and estimates have helped Preferred Energy plug revenue-leaking holes.


Crucial business insights such as profit margins

Aimsio gives Preferred Energy crucial business insights such as profit margins which drive decision making.


Confidence to bid for major projects

Armed with the insights Aimsio provide them, Preferred Energy has confidence in their team’s ability to bid for projects profitably.

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