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Aimsio's field management software for energy and construction companies

Aimsio is a field management software designed to quickly plan projects, dispatch resources, and digitally capture activities such as field tickets, LEMs, forms, and timesheets.

What Is Aimsio?

What is a field management software?

1.Plan Office

Create job orders with Aimsio

Create job orders

Plan projects with Aimsio

Plan projects

Dispatch crew and equipment with Aimsio

Dispatch crews

2.Execute Field

 Complete field tickets on a tablet with Aimsio

Complete tickets

Use a workflow software to update project progress with Aimsio

Update progress

Complete safety forms with Aimsio

Complete safety forms

3.Report Office

Use a field service management software to report on revenue with Aimsio

Report on revenue

Use a workflow software to track project progress with Aimsio

Track progress

Use a field service management software to gain insights into your operations with Aimsio

Gain insights

View Product Plans

Number of field tickets, LEMs, timesheets and other forms our clients have processed using Aimsio

Tickets processed


Our clients have moved billions of dollars from field to finance using Aimsio

Invoices processed

Number of jobs our clients have completed using Aimsio

Jobs completed

Integrates with other systems

Aimsio is compatible with a variety of other software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft.

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We’ve been doing this for a while and have seen every possible way a company can operate. If you see your industry below, Aimsio will work for you.

Case Study

Discover how Preferred Energy revolutionized their operations and saved $38,400 annually, all while creating field tickets in just 30 seconds, thanks to Aimsio's cutting-edge solutions.

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