Request for Information (RFI) is a feature that enables Aimsio users to create and submit a formal document in anticipation of pending changes for an active Job or project.

Save time when creating RFIs

Using the simple RFI workflow, your team will be able to create RFIs quickly and easily.

Get RFIs approved quicker

Use Aimsio’s Client Portal to quickly send RFIs to customers for digital signatures.

Keep track of RFIs

Ensure your RFIs all follow the same format and easily track their statuses.

About RFI

Everything you need for RFIs

Your one-stop-shop for all RFI related services. Create new RFIs, download them as a PDF, or submit them using Aimsio’s Client Portal.

Quickly create and submit RFIs

Simply click “New RFI” within Aimsio to get the process started. You’ll be able to edit general information such as:

  • Whether the change is project scope, schedule, cost, quality, or engineering related.
  • RFI Title
  • Date Created
  • Date Submitted
  • Office Status
  • Client Status

Add additional information as needed

Add additional information to your RFI such as:

  • Reference Information
  • Detailed Description
  • Recommended Resolution
  • Client Response

External Approvals

Once an RFI is completed, it can then be downloaded as a PDF to be sent for external approval. Aimsio’s RFIs are also compatible with our Client Portal, meaning you can send your RFI for a digital signature to your customer all within Aimsio.

Find this feature in the following plans

  • Aimsio Ultimate

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