Assign Tasks such as mobilization requests, resource requests, equipment releases, and more to users or roles.

Easily assign Tasks

Save time when assigning tasks by associating each task with a Job.

Stay up to date on Task statuses

SMS notifications are sent when Tasks are assigned or completed.

User-friendly for everyone

Users can see a running Task list of what they’ve been assigned, making it easy for everyone to use this feature.

About Tasks

Get it done

Tasks are essential in making sure your Jobs get completed on time and on budget. With Aimsio’s tasks, you’ll stay on top of tasks and be able to see exactly what’s been done and what’s outstanding.

Choose from 7 different task types

Aimsio comes pre-loaded with 7 different task types to choose from:

  • Mobilization (MOB) request
  • Resource request
  • Crew release
  • Crew status review
  • Equipment release
  • Equipment maintenance
  • General task

Color coded for quick glances

Task statuses are color coded to make it easy to see what’s been done:

  • Red indicates the Task has yet to be accepted
  • Yellow indicates the Task is in progress
  • Green indicates the Task is complete

Assign Tasks to users or roles

It’s easy to get it done when you can assign Tasks to specific users or an entire role. If you assign a Task to an entire role, it gets assigned to all users associated with that role.

Assign priorities to Tasks

Each Task can be assigned a priority to either low, medium, or high.

Find this feature in the following plans

  • Aimsio Essentials
  • Aimsio Performance
  • Aimsio Ultimate

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Track and bill field work with Field Tickets, LEMs, or Daily Tickets. Tickets can be connected with other features for ultimate efficiency.


Choose from crew Timesheets for supervisors or individual Timesheets for employees. Timesheets can be submitted for approval.

Timesheet Billing Automation

Effortlessly convert Timesheets into Tickets with just a few clicks and have confidence you’re billing your customers accurately.

Job Performance Reporting

Track profitability in near-realtime by comparing billable and non-billable work against the cost of labor, equipment, and third-party charges.

WBS Phase Management

Break down jobs into manageable deliverables, aiding in tracking revenue and project completion.


Convert field Tickets into Invoices or create standalone Invoices. Both Canadian and US tax rates are supported.


Unlock your full potential with integrations

Integrate your accounting, payroll, or ERP software with Aimsio to make your day-to-day data entry disappear.

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