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When it comes to field operations, every organization has a different process for capturing, storing and transferring data. The same goes for accounting processes. This can sometimes cause a bit of a stir when attempting to get operational software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to “talk” to each other.

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How it works

Aimsio and Explorer have partnered to make integrating your accounting and operations processes easy.

1. Explorer Eclipse

Explorer Eclipse logo on a computer

Accounting team enters master data such as:

  • Equipment
  • Employees
  • Jobs
  • Customers
master data sync from Explorer Eclipse to Aimsio

Master data is synched to Aimsio.

2. Aimsio

aimsio device

Field and office employees complete operational tasks and capture data such as:

  • Forms
  • Tickets
operational data sync from Aimsio to Explorer Eclipse

Operational data is synched to Explorer Eclipse.

3. Explorer Eclipse

Explorer Eclipse logo on a computer

Accounting team has the operational data needed to complete tasks like:

  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • A/P
  • A/R

Are you using Explorer Eclipse?

...or considering implementing it?

Aimsio is truly a complementary system to Explorer Eclipse. Let us be part of your digital transformation and we'll save you time, money and frustration. Don't believe us? Here are some benefits you can expect when you implement Aimsio and Explorer Eclipse together.

You’ll be able to track and measure costs in real-time. Meaning you’ll receive reliable data as soon as it’s available. And more importantly, you can optimize on the fly.

Step 1: Track Bids vs. Actuals

Step 2: Optimize

a tablet displaying project tracking and data optimization
a keyboard and mouse for data entry

When Aimsio and Explorer Eclipse communicate with each other, it means you and your team spend less time entering data. Choose how often the systems synch with each other and get back to doing the other items on your task list.

Instant visibility into your construction projects means you can slice and dice the data however you need it. Actual costs, incurred costs, project tracking - see them all and compare them to each other.

a computer showing visual dashboard

What our clients say

“A critical component to project based businesses is the ability to efficiently track and measure cost and schedule performance in real-time. The integration between Aimsio and Explorer has instantly created visibility on actual costs incurred and progress achieved; not only on a per project basis, but also on a per task basis. This integration allows for immediate capturing and processing of daily work tickets with little to no administrative personnel. With the partnering of Aimsio and Explorer, we now have reliable, real-time data allowing us to be proactive and achieve project success.”

- Terrence Boland, CFO at Strait Projects

If you’re currently using Explorer Eclipse and are searching for a field ticketing platform that will seamlessly integrate with it, consider Aimsio.

a construction safety helmet for dispatching management

Plan, manage and dispatch resources to job sites.

digitizing paper field ticket

Replace your paper field tickets and forms with electronic workflows.

capture data and display into a visual dashboard

Capture data directly in the field and transport it where it needs to go.

...and much more!

Together, Aimsio and Explorer can help you manage your construction projects from end-to-end.

See why our clients are loving the partnership.

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