Aimsio Insight

Our most insightful product gives you the power to not only capture tremendous amounts of data, but also make sense of it using intuitive reports.

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 Aimsio is a field management software that integrates with systems like QuickBooks, Sage, Explorer, Microsoft, and more.
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Everything in Aimsio FinOps plus:

Embedded Microsoft PowerBI analytics

Five pre-configured dashboards

Dashboard editing or duplication

Role based dashboard access

Aimsio Insight is the ultimate data analytics machine.

We wanted to offer a product that allowed customers to truly understand their data. That’s why we chose to embed Microsoft’s PowerBI directly within Aimsio Insight.

With PowerBI, you can use your data to your advantage. PowerBI is a business intelligence tool that visualizes your data into charts and graphs so you don’t have to hunt around for insight into your data.

Highest Price Point

Aimsio Insight is our most robust product of the four options and is therefore priced the highest. However, the value you’ll see from Aimsio Insight is unparalleled. You’ll have total control over your processes. But the real benefit is the satisfaction of knowing what’s making you money, how much it’s making you, and where you may have weak spots.

For total control over your data, Aimsio Insight offers a complete package.

Aimsio Insight includes all of the features in Aimsio FinOps, plus the following.