Digitize and automate
your inefficient field processes

Dispatching, certificate tracking, invoicing, and more.

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When Field Tickets Are Digital, They Can’t Get Lost.


When was the last time a field ticket didn’t
make it back to the office?

illegible TICKETS

Ok, how about the last time a field ticket
made it back, but couldn’t be entered into the
system because it wasn’t legible?

Incomplete TICKETS

And when was the last time a ticket made it
back to the office, you could read it, but there
was a missing signature or stamp?

The Solution

The Solution


We’ll take your existing paperwork and digitize it.You don’t have to change how you work.

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Eliminate Communication Breakdowns With Drag And Drop Dispatching.

The Solution


A job board that shows you all of your jobs in one place, with drag and drop functionality, text message notifications and the ability to group crew and equipment together.

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The Solution


How many times have you accidentally
double-booked a piece of equipment?
How about a crew member?

Crossed lines

Ok, the crew and equipment are booked.
You’ve sent an email to everyone. But
somehow Roger didn’t see it, John didn’t
accept it and the excavator is still in
another city. Sound familiar?

Extra work

You’ve finally booked a crew and a piece of
equipment. But you know you’ll need to do
the exact same thing three weeks from now.
Frustrated yet?

Pass Surprise Safety Audits With Flying Colours.


Have you ever unknowingly dispatched a
non-compliant worker to a site?

Difficult to track

Do you have an unmanageable spreadsheet
full of names, competencies, locations and
dates that you track manually?

No papertrail

How many times have you needed to produce
a papertrail of certifications and had to spend
days tracking down competencies and dates?

The Solution

The Solution


Whether you’re interested in visualizing worker competency based on a specific trade, location,job, customer, or any combination of those, the data is at your fingertips.

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Transform The Efficiency
of your Operations Today.

If you’re tired of losing money through inefficient field operations
management, then Aimsio can help. Whether you’re looking to
simply digitize field paperwork or require an all-in-one solution,
our team will help get the results you want.