Regional Workflow

Perhaps your company has separate business units, and perhaps they all operate slightly different. This feature allows you to modify your workflows for each business unit. For example, you could have a different workflow for each region, industry, or child company.

Aimsio Feature - Regional Workflow Module
Unique workflow shown in a computer with region, industry, and child company filters

Connectivity Across Businesses

Allow all business units to access their unique workflow in Aimsio, as it relates to their region, industry, or child company

Tax setting change in Invoice

Compliance Made Easy

Ensure your operations are compliant with regional requirements, no matter where you’re operating. For example, invoicing, tax, and reporting requirements vary from region to region

More Visibility

Understand your revenue, costs, and operational data across the entire business...and drill down into what really matters

  • Create workflows that are unique to each of your business units
  • Allow your teams to only access workflows specific to their business unit
  • Modify forms and invoices for each business unit. For example, if you have recently acquired a company, this feature would allow you to tweak forms, tickets, processes, and reporting to match requirements for that of the new company
  • Use region, industry, or child company as filter within your reports
Aimsio Additional Operational Locations to dispatch out of various locations
Aimsio Job/Project type that digitizes field paperwork

Job Workflow

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Aimsio Job/Project Type + Smart Form that digitizes field paperwork into easy to use Smart Forms

Work Management Tickets

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Aimsio Invoice that captures billable field activities


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Aimsio Dispatch module dispatching crew and equipment to a specific job


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Aimsio Project Tracking with real-time WBS schedule

Project Tracking

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Aimsio Operational Form to capture more information

Operational Forms

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Aimsio Insight module made up of charts and tables pre-determined to be valuable to your industry


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Aimsio Estimation creating an estimate or a bid on the job site.


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Aimsio Purchase Order streamlining your purchase order process.

Purchase Order

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Aimsio Certificate Tracking visualizes worker competency based on a specific trade, location and customer.

Certificate Tracker

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Aimsio Two-Way Cloud Integration connects with other software such as ERP systems or GPS tracking, saving hours of data entry

Web Service Integration

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Aimsio Additional Operational Locations to dispatch out of various locations

Regional Workflow

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Aimsio Cross-Form Automation to link timesheets, field tickets, and other Smart Forms into one Master Form/Ticket

Custom Cross Form Automation

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*Must be used in conjunction with at least one job/project type