Are you still managing your field operations with paper tickets and spreadsheets?

Just as downhole operations have been optimized by digital technology, your surface operations can be more efficient and less costly with an all-in-one management platform.

digitizing field paperwork to Aimsio's all in one platform

A digital revolution is making drilling cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Better tools and big data have made drilling long laterals and hitting multiple pay zones more reliable and cost-effective.


  • Project Tracking & Simplified Workflows
  • Manage Invisible Lost Time
  • Safety
  • Capture Data
Aimsio - all in one platform

Automation and remote collaboration saves time and money by allowing real-time updates and rapid communication with the rig. Much the same way that multiple laterals are being executed remotely by one driller, a digital link to the field from the office can help you get the best margin on your day rate.

Aimsio - visual job order assignment

If IVL is coming from coordination issues, the best way to identify and reduce it is with a real-time link to rig operations. Access daily operational details such as hazard/near miss reports, worker hours, subcontractor invoice details and more in order to make adjustments.

Aimsio - compliance

Aimsio’s fully integrated compliance module give an instant snapshot of whose tickets are up to date — drastically cutting down on HSE administration time. An automated safety and compliance program saves time and money so more focus can be directed at identifying hazards and preventing incidents.

Aimsio - job board

Data from your surface operations can help the rig run more efficiently, but only if you can capture it. Aimsio’s platform secures all your data because — just as valuable drilling data keeps the borehole on the planned path — access to daily operational information can help keep a well on schedule.

And we’re not talking about filling out paper tickets and forms, and then sorting through them at the end of the month to make spreadsheets. Aimsio is all about the end of paper, spreadsheets and doing things twice. We think the same platform that plans and organizes, should report with a click. Real-time reporting as often as you want.


project dashboard with realtime KPIs

Project Control

  • Keep an eye on margins
  • Compare bid vs actual or day rate vs costs
  • Updates daily
tandem truck as a construction dispatching equipment


  • Plan crews and equipment for multiple rigs
  • Forecast equipment servicing and schedule worker days off
digital invoicing form


  • Reduce days to invoice — get paid faster
  • Digital forms means no lost tickets, no entry delays, no revenue leakage
construction safety hard hat


  • Track training, tickets and certifications
  • Proactive: fully integrates with dispatching module

Reducing non-productive time and increasing predictability has been found though digitization and automation, limiting the chance of human error and industrializing the directional drilling process.


Even though the drilling industry was a late adopter of digital technology, two downturns in less than ten years
made finding efficiencies a critical undertaking.

Fast forward to today: wired drill pipe transmits massive amounts of data to and from highly maneuverable RSS tools, controlled from remote locations, in less time and with more accuracy than ever before.

Why hasn’t the management of personnel, equipment, subcontractors and the overall project been optimized as well?

Spreadsheets and paper tickets are inefficient, unreliable and integrate poorly across the full scope of your drilling operations. They also create costly information lags, to and from the rig.

oil and gas drilling rig in in the permian basin


Since 2014, Aimsio has been refining, expanding and enhancing our offering: an all-in-one software platform that gives insight and access to field operations.

Our software digitizes forms, automates processes and gives field employees a simple way to submit specific, predetermined information that can be accessed by the office in real-time.

From the office, plan boreholes, dispatch crews, invoice clients and monitor progress.

From planning, all the way through to reporting, Aimsio’s platform is the last piece of the digital puzzle.


We’ve seen how management software can create efficiencies. If you’re wondering how a digital platform could increase margins while making the rig safer and more efficient, click the link to learn more.