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From the field to the office, Aimsio is an easy, all-in-one software that empowers organizations from various industries to level up their operations and communications by digitizing all their planning, dispatching, reporting and invoicing processes and paperwork.

Learn how Aimsio can help you and your company have more efficient workflows and unlock potential.

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Optimize your operations

Gain back hours of work on data entry, reduce cost, and decrease errors by creating digital timesheets, field tickets, work management tickets, and invoices.

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Improve your communication

Facilitate the interaction and collaboration between your team, customers, and stakeholders by digitizing all your paperwork.

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Learn your business insights

Capture tremendous amounts of data and get real-time reports to deepen your understanding of your business operations.

Testimonial -v2 – Horizon Testing

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Aimsio makes sense. The easy-to-use software provides what we need, as we need it. As a fast growing company, we love that Aimsio offers product plans to suit our changing needs as we continue to grow. Plus, their support is outstanding when it comes to offering and implementing simple, efficient solutions. We highly recommend Aimsio.”

Kerry France, Senior Office Administrator

Horizon Testing

Kerry France,

Senior Office Administrator

Horizon Testing

Testimonial-v2 – Stratus

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Aimsio is a great software and an even better team. They work hard to make the transition to Aimsio as smooth as possible. Their customer service is incredible. I recommend Aimsio all the time to anyone who complains they have a system that doesn’t work for them. We’re very happy we made the switch to Aimsio.”

Greg Epp, Director of Operations

Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation

Testimovial-v2 – Reed Energy Group

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Before using Aimsio, our data was scattered across numerous spreadsheets. We used to spend days putting together reports. Now, we’re able to track costs to jobs and know where we’re at compared to budget. I’ve used other software similar to Aimsio and nothing compares. They’re either too complex and difficult to use or not comprehensive enough.”

Chris, Project Manager

REED Energy Group Inc.

Testimonial-v2 – BC Flynn

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We have been operating and benefiting from our Aimsio software right from the start! Aimsio integrated with our construction software seamlessly. The importing and exporting of all necessary information enabled a real time link between the office and the field. It has been extremely useful and time saving. Aimsio software is exceptionally easy to use, simple to understand and the functionality for our field personnel was valuable to our workflow.”

Debbie Dibner

BC Flynn

Testimonial-v2 – STRAIT Projects

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Strait Projects has realized significant value from implementing Aimsio software. Aimsio has streamlined our business processes, provided valuable visibility into our projects and been an ongoing business partner for us as we grow our business. We have reduced our administration costs by over 20%, eliminated our revenue leakage and decreased our invoicing lag time by 50%.”

Terrence Boland, VP Finance

STRAIT Projects

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Our clients have moved over three billion dollars from field to invoice using Aimsio

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