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We're Aimsio

From day one, we knew Aimsio was going to be a one-of-a-kind place to work. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished to date and excited to share it. At Aimsio, we’re driven by three core values that guide our decisions, they are:

Do the right thing

Own the challenge

We're better together

Our accomplishments

The awards and achievements listed below demonstrate how we put these values to work. Our strengths come from diversity and perseverance and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

Presented at the Banff Venture Forum

The Banff Venture Forum is an opportunity for high-growth companies to showcase their technology and business models. In December 2021, Aimsio was asked to present at the Banff Venture Forum to demonstrate how we bring forward real solutions to real problems.

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Two billion dollars worth of invoices processed

On November 13, Aimsio hit a huge milestone - our customers processed over two billion dollars worth of invoices using Aimsio. It was in 2020 that our customers hit the 1 billion dollar mark, meaning we doubled the number in only one year.

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Selected to participate in AccelerateAB Roundtables

In November 2021, Aimsio was chosen, along with 12 other companies, to participate in the AccelerateAB Roundtables.

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Headlined the Oil and Gas Tech Summit

Alberta Tech Forum hosted the Oil and Gas Tech Summit in June of 2021 and they selected Aimsio to headline the event. The Summit hosted speakers from energy and tech companies and focused on how businesses can use technology to protect their profits. Aimsio had two speakers participate in the event.

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Participated in the CCIS Industry Partnerships Program

In January 2021, Aimsio participated in a program by CCIS to help newcomers to Canada find job placements. The Industry Partnerships Program assists highly educated new Canadians in finding opportunities. Aimsio hired participants for an 8-week duration and found the program extremely beneficial. Just one of the great ways Aimsio stays involved in and supports the community!

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Aimsio one of 14 companies chosen for Canadian Technology Accelerator

Aimsio is one of fourteen Canadian companies that has been invited to participate in Silicon Valley's Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Digital. Aimsio is the only Calgarian company in this year's cohort and we're excited to represent YYC!The eight-week CTA program will be online this year due to COVID-19, however the companies will have access to tools to quickly scale up their businesses. Additionally, the fourteen companies will have access to TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley happening from September 14 to September 18 and access to Enjoy The Work, a San Francisco-based startup advisory firm. Enjoy The Work provides mentorship, workshops and other resources to help business owners scale and grow. Congratulations to all of the companies invited to participate in this year's Canadian Technology Accelerator!

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Aimsio Shortlisted for ASTech Award by the ASTech Foundation

Announced on July 9 2019, we’re a finalist for an ASTech Award. For the past 30 years, the ASTech Awards have celebrated outstanding achievements in science and technology in Alberta. The award that we’re up for is given to an organization that has a product that contributes to operational efficiency and improvements. While we’ve known for quite some time that Aimsio is all of these things, we’re thrilled to be recognized amongst our peers as a leader in innovation. The winners of the ASTech Awards will be announced in Calgary at SAIT on November 1.

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Aimsio Shortlisted for Collaborative Trendsetter Award at the Global Petroleum Show

We were one of five finalists being considered for a Global Petroleum Show (GPS) award in the Collaborative Trendsetter category announced on April 15, 2019.

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Winner of the Spam Cup Heavyweight Championship

Aimsio is part of a group called YYCTechGives, a collective of Calgary technology companies who work together to give back to the community. Every year, they host an event called Spam Cup and in December 2018 Aimsio won the award for packing the most food for the Calgary Food Bank.

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Selected as funding recipient

Aimsio was chosen as one of sixteen Alberta-based companies to receive funding as part of the Western Innovation Initiative.

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Selected to present at the Colorado Cleantech Oil & gas Challenge

Aimsio was selected to be one of ten companies to present at the Colorado Cleantech Oil & Gas Challenge in Colorado.

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Chosen to be on Global Petroleum Show Technical Committee

Aimsio’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ash Esmaeili is selected to sit on the Global Petroleum Show Technical Committee, meaning he reviewed presentation abstracts from companies wishing to speak at the show.

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Runner-up at the Global Petroleum Show Awards

Aimsio receives an honorary mention at the Global Petroleum Show Awards in the category of Digital Innovation

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Winner of the High-Growth Start-up Canada Award – Prairie Region

We were given the High-Growth Start-up Canada Award – Prairie Region and were shortlisted for the National award.

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Invited to attend Azure Capital’s CEO Summit

As a promising Canadian start-up, we were invited to attend Azure Capital’s CEO Summit in California where we attended a private event.

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Winner of Metabridge’s Top 15 Canadian Start-ups

Selected as one of the top 15 Canadian Start-ups in 2017. Over 160 applications were submitted. As a winner, we were invited to attend the Metabridge Conference in Kelowna where we met with Venture Capitalists from Canada and Silicon Valley.

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Invited to participate in the advisory group at the U of C Computer Science department

Abbas Sarraf, one of Aimsio’s Co-Founders is invited to sit on the Industry Advisory Board, Dept. of Computer Science + ECC Advisory Council in the Faculty of Engineering at the U of C.

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Winner of the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program

Aimsio wins the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in Palo Alto. We were placed in the prestigious Plug & Play Tech Center in San Jose and build relationships with corporate partners while opening doors to new markets.

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Selected as part of C100’s 2016 Cohort

Aimsio is chosen as one of the top 22 start-ups in Canada and is invited to attend 48Hrs in the Valley. We attended a two-day program which included pitching our product and company and gaining exposure to Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists.

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Receives the 2016 KNOVO Award of Distinction

Aimsio receives an award given to selected small, medium, and large businesses in Alberta for adopting leading policies and practices to promote female recruitment, retention, and advancement in the workplace.

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InVistaWare is rebranded as Aimsio

In a press release announcing the financing, InVistaWare also announces a name change to Aimsio.

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InVistaWare secures $9.6 million in venture financing

Strait Capital invests $9.6 million dollars in InVistaWare to support a sales strategy and expand the workforce.

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Angel investment round raised

Over $600,000 raised in Angel investments over the course of three years, starting in August of 2013.

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InVistaWare is created

Our four Co-Founders are approached by a company to find a solution for their field services management. When no existing solution is found, our Co-Founders decide to create one.

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