Aimsio + QuickBooks Online

Aimsio just became more powerful with QuickBooks Online! Now you can optimize your finances by effortlessly transferring jobs, timecards and invoices to QuickBooks with a single click.

Reduce redundant data entry

With just one click, send your invoices from Aimsio to QuickBooks without the need of spending hours entering your accounting data manually.

Minimize errors

Ensure your data is accurate and secure by eliminating all potential errors caused by double data entry.

Speed up your invoicing process

Spend less time entering your invoice information into QuickBooks, get paid faster, and focus on growing your business.


Connect to your QuickBooks account

On the Integrations page, you can easily connect to your QuickBooks account. Just click Connect to QuickBooks and select the company you would like to connect to. It's as simple as as that!


Import your QuickBooks database to Aimsio

Import all your QuickBooks Customers, Vendors, Employees, Product and Services into Aimsio with a single click.


Push Aimsio Jobs to QuickBooks and convert them to Customer Projects

Once your customers are imported, you will be able to select the jobs you want push to your QuickBooks account. They can be converted into projects for more accurate invoice tracking.


Send all your invoices over in bulk

Select and send multiple invoices at once. Aimsio will let you know which invoices have been pushed. No more double data entry required!


Export Timecards with a single click

Export both employee and subcontractor timecards at the same time. Employee hours will be stored as QBO Weekly Timesheets and subcontractor hours are converted to Bills.


Find all the pushed information in your QuickBooks account

Once pushed, log into your QuickBooks Online account to access Customer Projects, Bills, Weekly Timesheets and Invoices.

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